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  • LVKF linear amplifier LVKF linear amplifier

LVKF linear amplifier


Brand: Curtiss-Wright Antriebstechnik, Schenker Hydraulik, SIG Antriebstechnik
Cylinder Bore Size: 50mm - 125mm
Available Working Stroke: 50mm - 1,000mm
Linear Increment Per Step: 0.008mm - 0.5mm
Maximum Working Pressure: 160 bar
Maximum Flow Rate: 200 l/min

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Product Details

Schenker Hydraulik (formerley Curtiss-Wright Antriebstechnik / SIG Antriebstechnik) servo-hydraulic linear amplifier, type: admin. Available with cylinder bore sizes between 50mm - 1,000mm with piston stokes of 0.008mm - 0.5mm. The admin can have linear increment per step of the pilot motor (usually a stepping motor) of between 50mm - 125mm dependant upon the pitch of the feedback spindle chosen. The maximum working pressure is 160 bar with a maximum flow rate through the VK valve of 200 l/min.