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  • FCNDK30-7.5:1-0.12KW-4P-63B5 FCNDK30-7.5:1-0.12KW-4P-63B5
  • FCNDK30-7.5:1-0.12KW-4P-63B5 FCNDK30-7.5:1-0.12KW-4P-63B5

TEC FCNDK Right Angle Worm Gearbox - FCNDK30-7.5:1-0.12KW-4P-63B5


Brand: TEC Electric Motors
Gearbox Brand: TEC FCNDK Right Angle Worm Gearbox
Gearbox Type: Right-angle Worm
Motor Frame: 63
Second Motor Frame: No
Motor Power: 0.12kW
Gearbox Ratio: 7.5:1
Output Speed: 180rpm
Maximum Torque Output: 17Nm

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Product Details

TEC - 0.12kW x 180RPM 7.5:1 Right-angle Worm Gearbox for 4 Pole 63 Frame B5 Motor (motor not included), type: FCNDK30
Ratio: 7.5:1
Output Speed: 180RPM for Input Speed at 1350RPM (50Hz)
Max Output Torque: 17Nm
Efficiency: 83%
Max Input Power: 0.4kW for 4 pole motor.
Output with 0.12kW 4 Pole Motor:- 0.1kW x 180RPM at 50Hz - 5.3Nm at 3.2 Service Factor.
Lubrication: Synthetic Oil, sealed for life and maintenance-free
Input flange and shaft socket to suit IEC 63 Frame Motor. 11mm bore diameter, 140mm flange with 4 x 9 mm holes equispaced on 115mm PCD with 95mm register.