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  Thursday, 3 September 2015
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Mitsubishi Inverters / Variable Speed Drives

Current Models:

Mitsubishi A700 series inverter index
Misubishi D700 inverters index
Misubishi E700 inverters index

A700 Series

D700 Series

E700 Series

High Performance inverters 0.4kW up to 500kW

NEW - The replacement drive for the S500 and E500 inverters 0.1 to 7.5kW

NEW The compact drive solution
0.4kW up to 15kW

Mitsubishi F700 series inverter index

F700 Series


State-of-the art inverters 0.75kW up to 630kW


End-of Line Models:

Mitsubishi A500 series inverters - half size
Mitsubishi E500 series inverters
Mitsubishi F500 series inverters - half size

A500 Series

E500 Series

F500 Series

Dynamic inverters 1.5 to 55kW


Small, flexible & versatile inverters 0.4 to 7.5kW

Limited stock on some models is
still available (subject to prior sale)

Energy saving inverters 5.5 to 530kW


Mitsubishi S500 series inverters - half size

S500 Series


Micro-class inverters 0.2 to 0.75kW

Limited stock on some models is
still available (subject to prior sale)


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[File] Mitsubishi A700 series brochure (0.75 to 630kW) (450.8 kB)

[File] Mitsubishi D700 series brochure (739.1 kB)

[File] Mitsubishi E700 series brochure (828.0 kB)

[File] Mitsubishi E700SC series brochure (416.4 kB)

[File] Mitsubishi F740/746 series brochure (0.75 - 630kW) (1.0 MB)

Old Manuals

[File] Mitsubishi U120 series manual (793.9 kB)

[File] Mitsubishi FR-A024 & FR-A044 series manual (10.6 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi A500 series manual (0.4kW to 55kW) (2.6 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi A500L series manual (75kW to 450kW) (3.0 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi F500 series manual (0.4 to 55kW) (1.1 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi E500 series manual (3.4 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi S500 series manual (2.2 MB)

Current Manuals

[File] Mitsubishi A700 series manual (15.3 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi FR-D700 Manual (11.4 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi FR-E700 Manual (14.6 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi FR-E700SC Manual (16.8 MB)

[File] Mitsubishi F700 series manual (2.5 MB)

Commissioning Services

[File] Labour Rates for Service Engineers and Design Engineers (26.3 kB)

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